Some Types of Records to Gather after Car Accident Based on Lawyer Perspective:


With each car accident comes several physical injuries and damages on the vehicle. Further, you need to make claims for the loss in the form of insurance or lawsuit. But you cannot make the claims for the damages or injuries without proper records and documentation. As such, documentation is vital for determining the fault for an accident, and related factors.

Types of Records to Gather after Car Accident:

Here are some examples of records that you should gather and assemble after encountering a car accident and talk to Attorney King:

  • You should collect documents on the vehicle damage, and the approximate cost incurred during the repair. Further, you should obtain records on the list of services provided during the various stages of tackling the situation.
  • Another type of attributes to police report produced during the examination of the car accident. You should gather this record to ensure that it presents facts and not based on assumption and illogical statements. Further, you should collect other related law enforcement records. It is worth noting that they will pass the judgment of the case based on the report of the police.
  • Another type of documents that you should gather is medical records. You will seek medical treatment after encountering a car accident. Hence, your physician will maintain a file based on the injury, and the types of received medical care. Further, the physician will record all other assistance based on the treatment you have undergone. You should collect all these medical records.
  • You should also gather the personal journal record, which presents all the detail information about the accident. It includes records on your injuries, and the effects on emotional and psychological health, among many others.
  • Another type of documents attributes to a file based on your income and employment. This record presents your earnings and the number of days you have attended and missed the work due to a medical appointment or other related reasons.